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For DUI and Substance Abuse (alcohol & drug) evaluations 

contact Dr. David Clark at 770-713-8580 

For Family Violence, Anger Management Assessment, Parenting, Substance Abuse

(alcohol & drug) contact Trey Griffith at 770-602-1979 

Call and schedule your appointment with us today!


or click the "Services" link (above) for our schedule of classes (use the "Evaluations and Paperwork" to fill out the forms and submit them online).

Staff Office Hours:

Monday - Thursday:  9 AM - 6 PM

Friday: 9 AM - 5 PM

Saturday & Sunday:  Closed 

**Now offering**
in person and online 
alcohol and drug, family violence,
anger management and 
child impact groups/classes


See below for more details.


Do you need an alcohol and drug evaluation or treatment?

Call 770-713-8580 to schedule your appointment to schedule an evaluation or register for classes today!

Do you need a family violence or anger management assessment?

Call 770-602-1979 for your assessment or to register for classes today!

Can't make it into the office? No problem! If you have access to a computer with internet and a camera (or a smartphone), we can do your evaluation online using the ZOOM app.

Call to schedule your appointment with us today!


Because of the recent health concerns, there are only 1 in-person group held in our offices each week. Please call and ask about our in-house schedule.

Drug and Alcohol classes: We are now using a video conferencing app called Zoom. The app works like Facetime or Google Meet. You will need to download the app and JOIN a meeting with an assigned meeting ID and passcode.

Meeting ID's and Passwords can be found by clicking the button below.

Supervision & Addiction Counseling CEU's

Call 770-713-8580 to sign up for supervision & CEU's!

  • Supervision & CEU's available for Certified Addiction Counselors seeking re-certification as well as those seeking initial certification through the Georgia Addiction Counselor's Association.

  • GACA CCS Dr. David Clark #0199.

  • For more information on requirements for certification, please see

  • Group Supervision sessions on Wednesdays at 2 PM and Sundays at 6 PM. Please contact Dr. David Clark for more information. Email Dr. Clark at


Family Violence Intervention Program (FVIP):

  • Call to register for classes or make an appointment for an assessment. (770-602-1979)

  • State approved Family Violence Intervention Program approved by the Georgia Commission on Family Violence. 

  • Supervised by the Georgia Department of Community Supervision.

  • Evening and weekend education classes are available.

  • Men and Women classes are available.


Anger Management Group Counseling:

  • Certified provider for Anger Management Classes.

  • Evening and weekend classes

  • Call 770-602-1979 to register for classes. 

Call to schedule your appointment with us today!

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